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Redbrumbies is a software development company with strong expertise in custom software development, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Software Maintenance, Mobile App development & Software Prototyping.
We are dedicated to providing the best for our customers.

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What We Do

Redbrumbies is an IT solutions and servies company offering industry leading designs and expertise. We are driven by the need to make companies, businesses and organizations self-sustaining and operational efficient. We rely on a well trained and experienced technical team to deliver the best design, deployment, maintenance and support for our customer's solutions.


To enable people to do business with ease, fun, efficiency and accuracy.


To build a SaaS and enterprise software giant with many firsts in Africa and beyond.

Why Choose Us?

We are constantly evolving - There’re two ways of attaining change, through evolution or revolution. While both attain the required change, the latter is always trailing behind. Top companies evolve in order to stay at the top of the pack.

Details, details, details - Our attention to details borders on obsession. We sit, plan and re-plan in order to offer the customer the best solutions. Our designs and systems are bespoke due to the effort that we put it. We want to offer a solution such that you’ll never call us again to fix a broken issue, only if you need an upgrade and obviously to say how pleased you are with our work.

One size doesn’t always fit all – We believe that all clients are unique and need to be treated as such. As much as projects and clients' needs may seem similar, they are more often than not very different. If this one does not seek to understand the client details and have often and structured reviews, then the client may end up with a system that is not suited for their business in spite of spending a lot of resources on it

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Email: dev_ops@reds.co.ke

Phone: +254 723 378 853